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Jesus is healing

Website of the praying group of merciful Jesus

About us

We are a Christian praying group of merciful Jesus. We avow the crucified and resurrected Jesus as our Lord. We avow the Catholic Church as the our one. We support the new evangelisation via our informal program and benevolent activities. The main content of our activities are prayers for the priests and exorcists, for unborn children and for socially disabled persons and families.

Our group of merciful Jesus obtained three blessings for our activities and prayers from the Holy Father Benedict XVI. It came to passe in 2010, 2011 and for the last time we were honoured by his personal blessing in the course of the General Audience of June 13, 2012.

The statutes of our group have not yet been approved; therefore, we are not an association according to the Code of Canon Law, Cann. 321-326, and our praying group is not a Christian association approved by the Catholic Church.


Join us

We are inviting people of all religion to join our praying group. The believers and the unbelievers. Jesus loves all of us: gays, lesbians, homeless people, esoterics, magicians, people released from prison or living on the edge of society. Jesus loves all of you and you can pray for your conversion on your own. He will certainly answer your prayers. We are praying for you and if you wish so, you can join us. Jesus manifested his love toward all people without any regard to social status.... in our group, we would like to fulfil this credo, therefore we do not make any differences either. God believes in you, whether you believe in him or not yet.

Some among you have discovered the love of God in your lives later…not all of us have been believers since our childhood. This is also a topic we can chat about together. We are looking forward meeting all of you.

You are the one whom Jesus loves. If you are longing for know more his love for you, come to join us. We do not reject anyone.

Prayer for healing

Prayers for healing are part of our activities. At this moment, it is good to say that if any successful healing occurs, it is not the impact of our powers…it is always in the name of Jesus Christ that it happens. We are just praying. Jesus is the one who heals and we let him to act through us. „We are a quill in His hand“.

Furthermore, we consider important do declare that any esoterism, shamanism, magical practices, Reiki, homeopathy, yoga or any forms of neopaganism and all healing methods related to this practices are foreign to us. On the contrary, we are warning against these practices already since 2002 when our group started to emerge. We consider it harmful to the body and to the soul.


Some of us used to practise Eastern religions, but afterwards let liberate themselves by the exorcists in our country or abroad. Our bad experience in this field pushed us to prepare a speech entitled „Methods harmful to the soul“, which we can offer to different parishes. The Eastern religions are truly devastating for the soul and hence we will feel glad if people learn from our experience.

We all believe that the Holy Spirit has transformed us and shown us the path we are allowed to follow. We will never want to get back to what some of us have practiced in the past. Only Jesus is the Lord of our life and we want to serve him utterly.


t of our fasting in the course of this year. We are fasting on bread and tea focusing on a set intention. The intention is mostly related to the priests. We have informed the Pope Benedict XVI about our previous fastings.

We are fasting together in Loukov (Kroměříž District). The accommodation in the Tourist Hostel in Loukov (address Loukov 199) is at your disposal.

This offer is ment for all people wishing to help the priests.

Stations of the Cross

In Loukov (District Kroměříž), on the 13th of each month at 1pm, we pray the Stations of the Cross for priests.

In Loukov (District Kroměříž), on the 25th of each month at 1pm, we pray the Stations of the Cross for unborn children.

Praying in tongue

In August 2014, we recorded a 6-minute CD “God heals everybody”. The CD includes three songs in tongue and a surprise. While listening to it, the Holy Spirit is healing you. Many felt an overwhelming joy of life, opened themselves to the Holy Spirit, experienced more love in their hearts and could feel the healing process of their bodies and their souls. The CD is sold in the Bystřice pod Hostýnem store (price: 80 CZK).


Regular encounters

We meet six times per year, mostly in the trip ground in Libosváry (výletiště Libosváry). We praise the Lord by singing and dancing, we speak under divine inspiration, we open the Holy Scripture and we pray for the priests according to the read text. We read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Children of all ages are welcome.

The encounters start at 9am and culminate in participation in the Holy Mess at 5pm. Afterwards we continue by praying for health recovery of the participants. People of all ages and religions are welcome.

Jesus loves all of us and wishes to help all of us.

Video records of our praying meetings

May 2015
August 2015
December 2015

April 2016

August 2016